Elara Elvira

(Vigo 1984), She studies Fine arts in the University of Barcelona.

She lives in Barcelona several years, also in Berlin and in France, taking part in artistic residences, exhibitions, educational interventions and other projects.

At present she is employed at Sant Feliu of Llobregat (Barcelona), where she has established a center of creation and artistic production.

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Ana Santiso

Ana Santiso is a Galician ilustrator formed at the Faculty of fine arts of Pontevedra and at the Escuela Massana in Barcelona.

Her work walk the trails of the illustration, design, comics and the mural.

In each work she seeks to adapt their language to the represented subject, understanding the style as one expressive tool rather than as brand identity.
As an Illustrator has a dozen of books published with publishers like Xerais or Galaxia. Her work was featured with awards such as the Injuve of the Ministry of youth or new values of the Diputación de Pontevedra.