(Rianxo 1989) He is technical in Illustration by the
EASD Pablo Picasso of A Coruña, and Postgraduate
in Audio-visual Communication for the University of
Santiago de Compostela. Freelance works like
illustrator and wall painter for an endless number of
companies, individuals and institutions.
Rewarded by his work in the 3rd Contest of
Enlightenment Society Valle del Oro (2010) and the
GZ Believe (2012 and 2017) it takes part also in
numerous festivals of urban art in Spain, Portugal
and Mexico. (Creative Desordes, O’Marisquiño,
Rexenera Fest, Eutopia, Imagines San Javier,
Acapulco Pro, Street art Mujam ….and many others)
It receives scholarships of creation and artistic
residence in Cordova (Spain), Anoguleme (France)
and Guadalajara (Mexico) where Apollinaire de
Guadalajara (Mx) realizes its first individual sample
of illus.

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