Jose Luis Alvarez Seara (Arcade, Pontevedra 1957)
Artist of extreme vitality and overflowing fantasy,
ascribed to the vanguard, affects abstract processes
accompanied by freshness and unconcern for the
final result. Nature and the human figure, form a
discourse that began in the late 1980s directly linked
to the Atlantic group.

Seara conceives this free and random universe
based on a constant technical investigation where
the diversity of supports is a fundamental axis when
establishing the conception of the work. Individually,
it realized its first exhibition in Compostela, in 1978,
and since then it has exhibited in Pontevedra, Palma
de Mallorca, Oporto, Vigo and Salamanca. He has
participated in collective exhibitions in Santiago de
Compostela, Palma de Mallorca, Vigo, Barcelona
and numerous cities in France and Portugal and has
attended international fairs in Madrid, Milan and
Paris. His work is present in many public, private
and individual collections throughout Galicia and
Portugal, as well as in France, Venezuela, Portugal,
England, USA, Greece and India.