Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujes, most people know him like “Belin”. Born in Linares, Jaén (Spain).
When he was a child he started to be creative at all time and in all areas. This attitude comes with
him until he studies art in high school. After try this studies, he realized that he want to know more,
so he started to be self-taught plastic artist, using libraries, museums, different books and multiple
ways to get the right information to be the professional he always dreamt.
He started to work very hard painting in the street, he had a dream and he needed to do everything
he could do to be the great artist he is now. Currently this artist has a big CV, people know him
around the world because of his spray skills, making realism painting without using stencil, just his
imagination. That shows the perseverance on his ideas, his art and his positive attitude to be better
every day.
All his sculptures and painting have been displayed in museums, galleries and walls around Spain
and different countries like America. He also has been painting for different marks like Dockers,
Carhartt and Sephora and for known artists like “Kat von D, “high voltage”” on LA, spanish football
players, Djs, musicians, models, musicians, etc.