Born in Santiago de Compostela and raised in Ordes, she is a superior illustration technician
for the EASD Pablo Picasso. Since she was a child she already had something to draw in her
hand and apparently she has not let it go yet. She is passionate about portraits, because
achieving that level of expression in just one face is extraordinary. In her work she emphasize
the feminine figures and the powerful eyes. Anyone who knows her knows that if you give her
a pen, in case she lacks it, she will be happy then.
Her work can be summarized in two parts: the first, the most realistic, detailed and in black
and white; the second, more animated, also entering the field of muralism. These two parts
are very opposed, as in the first one she works in really small formats, while in the second she
likes to experiment with illustration in bigger formats, especially in walls.
She was lucky enough to be able to participate in workshops since she was a child, about
graffiti and urban art events, such as Desordes Creativas, Regenera Fest, Compostela
Contemporánea, etc.