Mon Devane is an urban artist born in the city of Ourense, where he currently resides. He has
been using spray as his main artistic tool since 2003, the year in which he began to develop his
technique, first making letters and styles of the world of graffiti, to finish performing works of a
realistic nature.
His personal style now reflects a monochromatic photorealism in which he uses color scales to
form lights and shadows full of force with penetrating glances. Mainly portraits and expressive
faces. He is currently working on different themes, such as the concept of the urban art cult, in
which he mixes images of virgins and saints with elements of urban art, other images of a more
autochthonous character extolling products or themes of his own country, Galicia, or simply
portraits Of different people.
In the year 2016 begins to travel the world to leave works in countries like Mexico, Italy, France or