Nana (Santiago de Compostela, 1983) is a technician in artistic jewelry and in illustration.
Since childhood she stands out for being a very restless person. From a very young age she
began to attend artistic classes and from her adolescence she received training from the painter
Xurxo Martiño, experimenting with different techniques of drawing, painting and modeling.
In 2006 she started in graffiti and urban art making interventions on the street and in abandoned
spaces. From her experience in the public space she decided to study illustration at the EASD
Pablo Picasso, where she received a Leonardo scholarship to study in London, developing her
work in advertising illustration.
Nowadays she has an extensive career in urban art festivals, events and exhibitions such as
Desordes Creativas, Mad Poster Art, San Fest, Derrubando Muros con Pintura, Violencia Zero or
Elas Tamén Pintan where she makes many large murals.
Her colorful and organic style makes her work, with a clearly feminist message, personal and
She currently works as an illustrator, artistic educator and mural artist in 7 H Cooperativa Cultural,
carrying out different projects in the field of social economy.